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  • A future-focused think tank

    Under the leadership of former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, we're urgently working to develop
    and advocate solutions for economic growth and to ensure economic opportunity for future generations of Americans.

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  • A new approach to policy

    Welcome to American Opportunity, an ambitious policy initiative that takes a new approach to solving the most critical
    issues facing the United States. We focused on three main initiatives: Full Employment, Healthy Communities, and American Greatness.

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Our Work

policy research


Our world-class team seeks creative ideas from a diverse group of policy thinkers to develop analysis and facilitate national conversation about the issues most critical to 21st century Americans, including economic growth, civic life and global competitiveness.



    We're committed to positive advocacy and strategy that will bring about both a new way of thinking and inspire policy changes that will unlock American growth and prosperity. At the heart of our efforts are our Initiatives and the Growth Code economic strategy.



      With inspiring new leadership and a clear focus on only the most pressing issues facing Americans; we develop and promote ambitious but achievable public policy solutions for modern society, particularly in areas traditionally lacking a strong conservative voice.



        Powered by the financial support of a broad range of donors; we've had significant impact on public policy issues of importance to all Americans, and continue to serve an important role in organizing and driving coordinated political action by modern conservatives.

          Jim Gilmore
          Governor Jim Gilmore, President and CEO

          68th Governor of Virginia and 59th Republican Chairman Jim Gilmore advocates for policies that directly address the daily concerns of working Americans.

          American Opportunity is dedicated to an America that is growing, dynamic, exciting, optimistic and providing a path for achievement for all Americans.

          — American Opportunity Mission Statement  Read more

          American Opportunity Mission

          Our Initiatives

          Growth Code Chart

          The #GrowthCode

          Clear and decisive pro-growth policies are the solution to our economic challenges. We do not need to accept a dim and stagnant economic future as our destiny. Our country can grow again and thrive again and revitalize the econom­ic engine that was once the envy of the world and the thrust for the American dream.

          Full Employment

          The Full Employment Initiative explores policy ideas that will grow the American economy and secure American competitiveness for the next century. One of the primary policy proposals discussed within this Initiative is the Growth Code, an innovative, forward-thinking policy proposal designed to stimulate long-term economic growth by reforming and simplifying the tax code.

          Healthy Communities

          Continuing our successful transportation program, we’re expanding our focus on urban community policy to housing, poverty and city services. We're bringing new ideas and perspective to create a system that enables opportunity in the poorest parts of our cities. In an increasingly urbanizing country, it is essential conservatives put forward ideas to solve problems in the cities. The Healthy Communities Initiative begins this conversation.

          American Greatness

          We also focus on policy development designed to ensure America's competitiveness in the world for the next century. American Greatness Initiative covers areas of national security, trade and energy security; but also includes issues such as education and technology, which are vital to America's position in the world. A secure and competitive America will ensure the opportunity we create is a lasting one for all Americans.