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The State of American Foreign Policy (Part 1)

The American Opportunity/Free Congress Foundation Viewpoint: Part 1
We are now an entire year into the new Trump administration and the shape of American foreign policy and the changes from the past are becoming clearer. In fact, a written foreign policy document has been published by the Administration. This article is the first in a series of observations to give our readers our perspective here at American Opportunity/Free Congress Foundation.   
First we should identify the several approaches Americans have traditionally taken toward foreign affairs, with an acknowledgement to Professor Henry Nau of George Washington University who is a senior fellow here at American Opportunity Foundation. In his book, “Conservative Internationalism”, Professor Nau discusses these historical approaches American leaders have often taken.
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The State of American Foreign Policy (Part 2) 
The American Opportunity/Free Congress Foundation Viewpoint: Part 2
In Part 1, we described the traditional approaches to American foreign policy that have been followed in the past.  President Trump is following a very rational and carefully crafted policy to achieve well thought through goals.  His policy represents a clean break and change from the “liberal international” policies followed by his past several predecessors.  
President Trump’s goal is a world of “strong, sovereign, independent nations”.  In fact, this exact phrase is repeated in most of the policy speeches of the President and those of Secretary of State Tillerson.  This is different from an America bound up, constrained, and obligated by international organizations, treaties, and expectations.  The President rejects the New World Order subordinating American national interests to the expectations and national interests  of other countries. He also perceives that that New World Order has enabled other countries, friend and foe to take advantage of our country and its citizens.  
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The State of American Foreign Policy (Part 3) 
In Part 1 of this series, we described and defined several foreign policy approaches previous Administrations have undertaken. To summarize, the various approaches can be described as: Nationalism, Realism, and Internationalism.  
Nationalism seeks to serve the interests of America first, which can devolve into isolationism, leading to a separation from world affairs.  Nationalism can also become a neo-conservative approach, using American military force to nation-build and impose democracy.  Realism relies on power as the central principle of international relations, and promotes a balance of power to keep the peace with adverarties.
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The State of American Foreign Policy (Part 4)
In this part 4 of our series on American foreign policy we discuss the North Korean crisis, and how the Trump Administration is making progress through the application of principles of Conservative Internationalism.
To recap, in Part 1 of this series, we defined the previous foreign policy approaches followed in the past:  Nationalism, Realism, Liberal Internationalism, and Conservative Internationalism.  In Part 2  we presented the case that President Trump, while defining has policy as “realism”, is also following a policy of “conservative internationalism”, combining force and diplomacy, and promoting freedom and democracy.  In Part 3 we discussed the strategic goals of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea and why their long term policy is aggressive and seeking change of the post-WWII Western  international order.
North Korea’s policy of threatening the United States has come to a head with that country’s determined advancement of their nuclear weapons development and their program to create intercontinental ballistic missiles that can strike the United States and its allies. The consequences of such promised aggression is not limited to a nuclear strike by the North Koreans.   A nuclear capability would upset the balance of relations in East Asia.   North Korea would enter into any future conflicts with the United States, Japan, South Korea, or any other Western power in a position to apply a nuclear threat.  Read the full newsletter (Part 4) here:

The State of American Foreign Policy (Part 5)
As we have stated in previous essays,  America today is in a world-wide conflict to determine how mankind will live. The conflict engages all elements of national power:  military, ideological, economic, and diplomatic.
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The American Opportunity/Free Congress Foundation View of American Foreign Policy (Final Essay)
The State of American Foreign Policy (Part 6) 
As we have stated in previous essays, America today is in a world-wide conflict to determine how mankind will live in the years ahead.  This conflict engages all aspects of national power: military, economic, diplomatic, and the competition of values.  Read the full essay (Part 6) here:

Thank you for passing historic Tax Reform! 
Leaders from the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate ironed out the differences in conference committee, produced a final tax reform for passage, and sent it to the President's desk for signature before Christmas 2017!  Read the entire tax reform update and AO Newsletter here:
Latest American Opportunity Press Release!
Contact:  Dan Kreske 703-837-0483
VICTORY for the American Opportunity Foundation Growth Code
Congressional Tax Reform Package to Support 3.2% Growth Code Goals
December 22, 2017
Alexandria, VA - This week was a tremendous victory for American Opportunity as the American Opportunity/Free Congress Growth Code finally saw sunlight in Washington, as the U.S. Congress passed the first serious tax reform package since President Reagan's tax reform bill in 1986.
American Opportunity Foundation has tirelessly advocated for nearly eight years for our common sense economic policies to be enshrined in law.

Few organizations can claim likewise.  

American Opportunity Foundation President, Former Governor Jim Gilmore states -
“This initiative would not have been possible without President Trump keeping the heat on in moving the country towards this new economic direction.  For decades, the American left has been satisfied with slow growth.  During the Obama era, the political left in this country has treated economic contraction as the new normal.  However, our benchmark here at American Opportunity has always been 3.2% growth.  Without that rate of growth, the economy simply isn't recovering from the twin effects of population growth plus inflation.  Over the last decade growth has been 2% or less -- effectively a contracting U.S. economy.  President Trump knew we could better, and this tax reform is standing testament to that.”
The bill delivers benefits for everyone -- and when we say that this is a bill creates tax relief and economic prosperity for all Americans across the board?  This bill doubles the standard deduction to $24,000 for a married couple.  Child care credits double from $1,000 to $2,000.  Over $15 trillion dollars of overseas capital is invested back into the United States without threat of double taxation.
For farmers and other large landowners?  The estate tax exemption doubles to $22 million, which is great news for family businesses and family farms.  As a principle of basic fairness, much of this money has already been taxed once before while the rest is taxed two or even three times over.  In short, what's earned is yours -- not the property of the government.  
This bill drops the corporate tax rate from the highest in the world to a much more competitive 21%, creating the incentives for corporations to invest in infrastructure and create more money for America's working class.  This is precisely the sort of investment that produces jobs and higher wages as corporations must bid up wages to get and keep workers.  As they create wealth, more wages are paid -- creating a virtuous feedback loop to counteract the vicious cycle created in no small part by the Obama administration.

Naturally, there are still improvements to be made.  More importantly, these gains must be defended.

But first we have to educate the American people that this new direction is right and the so-called "resistance" of fading socialists and left-wing academic commentators are wrong.  Otherwise they will take us back in 2018 to slow growth and an economy that emphasizes scarcity over prosperity. 
We must reset the terms of the national debate.  American Opportunity could not be happier to see our policies finally enacted after nearly eight years of advocacy -- and we will do our part to inform, educate, and advocate.

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@gov_gilmore or @ameriopp

After nearly eight years, American Opportunity's Growth Code finally gets the chance to prove itself as Trump's tax reform package sails through Congress.
Over the course of nearly a half-century following World War II, America built and enjoyed the most prosperous economy in the history of the world. Rising incomes, low unemployment, and steady long-term growth were hallmarks of this extraordinary period. On a personal level, we all felt that America was a land of limitless opportunity — where some talent, a solid idea and a lot of hard work would pay off with a good and maybe even great quality of life.
Over the last few years, however, something has changed. Today many Americans live paralyzed in fear of losing their jobs and not being able to make ends meet. Experts now tell us to expect high unemployment and a slow-growth economy for years to come. Worse still, Americans are not optimistic that things will get better; a recent Gallup poll found that only 54% of Americans believe that today’s youth will have a better life than their parents — the lowest number since 1983.  Learn more about AO's "Growth Code" at our and click "tax reform" or go to this link -

Our Newsletter from Dec. 22, 2017:
A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: VICTORY and the New Direction For America
This week is a tremendous victory for American Opportunity as the AO/FCF Growth Code finally saw sunlight in Washington, as the U.S. Congress passed the first serious tax reform package since President Reagan's tax reform bill in 1986.
Yet because of a nearly eight year running campaign of advocacy, American Opportunity can claim what has to be the most historic victory we have ever seen as an organization -- the implementation of our common sense economic policies as law.  Few organizations can claim likewise.  
Full newsletter here:

Dec. 14, 2017 A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: The American Opportunity Manifesto
After many weeks of commentary on current events, this week’s newsletter is an opportunity to speak directly to our supporters, followers, and donors as to what American Opportunity/Free Congress Foundation (AO/FCF) is doing and why.  This writing is intended to be a restatement of our mission and present a manifesto of our goals and objectives. 
After decades of work, and eight years under new leadership AO/FCF seeks to research, find and promote better policy for the United States.  This work draws on policy experts and “fellows” to discuss the principle themes we consider to be the most important issues facing our nation.  
In 2010, the first initiative of FCF was the identification of the need for economic growth in the United States.  During the past ten years, the United States has suffered from slow growth policies and the hard reality of math.  The Great Recession drove our standard of living down and real recovery never really happened.  Government has done little over the last years to foster growth or private business investment.  To present the evidence for growth and to present a possible solution, AO/FCF consulted with our economists and designed the Growth Code. 
The Growth Code was intended to be a template for tax reform to create dynamic growth in the U.S.  During the transition from the Obama era to the Trump administration, AO/FCF continues to speak out for a Growth Code style approach -- one intended to create economic growth, new jobs, better careers, wage growth and resulting in even more revenue for national defense and other purposes.  
Over the last eight years, the national discussion has changed and economic growth is now emerging as a top priority.  Congress is now passing a version of tax reform for economic growth.  President Trump’s commitment to growth and the enabling of business activity has led to a renewed sense of investment within the American economy, spurring job growth and inspiring the stock market based on a certain optimism for the future.
This new tax reform initiative from Congress is indeed a step forward, but political compromises have to result in a watering down of the changes needed for maximum economic growth.  As such AO/FCF continues to have a role in identifying improvements that will be needed in the years ahead.   

Read the full newsletter here:

Tax Reform Passes Next Hurdle in the Senate. American Opportunity salutes the Senate for passing this legislation to grow the economy and recognize that without support from Senators Collins, Paul and McCain it could not have passed.  Leaders from the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate will now meet to iron out the differences in conference committee, produce a final tax reform for passage, and to be sent to the President's desk for signature.  Read the entire tax reform update and AO Newsletter here:
Archives of recent AO Newsletters and our latest press release on US Taxpayers funding Global Organizations to the tune of $10 billion annually... (Tax Reform on the Horizon) (Overregulation Alert!)

American Opportunity Press Release on US Funding for Global Organizations!                      
Contact: Mari Stull
The American Opportunity Foundation Applauds Congressional Action to
Take Stock of International Organizations
US Taxpayers Spend Over $10 Billion Yearly Supporting Global Agencies
Alexandria, Va, Nov. 30, 2017--According to the Department of State’s 65th Annual Report to Congress on Contributions to International Organizations, US taxpayers contributed at least $10,487,783,062[1] to over 150 global organizations in President Obama’s last year in office.  During the eight years under the Obama Administration US increased spending to global organizations a whopping 60%.
Yet, during the past eight years, as more American taxpayer funds have been funneled into international organizations, many of those very organizations have advanced harmful international standards and policies that undermine our own US businesses and global democracy.  Further, as evidenced by recent reviews by the United Kingdom, global organizations have become increasingly ineffective, lacking transparency and accountability, mismanaged, and bloated.
The American Opportunity Foundation is very pleased that this Congress is proposing the Multilateral Aid Review Act of 2017 which requires a comprehensive review of all international organizations.  “For far too long, the American taxpayer has been shouldering the lions share of the world’s support to international organizations that simply fail to return dividends to the United States,” states former Virginia Governor and  Opportunity Foundation CEO Jim Gilmore “this proposed legislation will go a long way in ensuring that our resources invested outside of the United States yield real value back to Americans.  The Trump Administration has made it crystal clear that taxpayer funds will support only to those entities that advance the America First agenda and support our foreign policy objectives.  American Opportunity Foundation especially applauds the following requirements of the Act which ensures a positive return on taxpayer investment:
Provide a methodological basis for allocating scarce budgetary resources to entities that advance relevant United States foreign policy objectives.” 
Senior Fellow for International Organizations and Trade, Mari Stull further commended the proposed legislation.  “So many global organizations have become politicized, mismanaged, bloated, and have unilaterally expanded their missions far beyond mandates and to the detriment of US foreign policy.  Agency heads, who are predominately ex-politicians elected with the support of their like-minded countries, control vast budgets and wield significant global power.  These ex-politicians are subject to very little oversight or transparency, which has been a recipe for sweeping corruption with little consequence or notice.  The proposed Multilateral Aid Review Act has the potential to expose this underbelly and help the Trump Administration get down to the task of restoring relevancy, integrity and accountability into those global agencies that serve our foreign policy objectives.  And defunding those that do not.”

[1] Likely far greater than published, as some US agencies failed to provide information for the mandatory Congressional report.

American Opportunity Newsletter
A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Is Tax Reform On The Ropes?
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Read the Oct. 31, 2017 AO Newsletter here -

Read the latest on Jim Gilmore's ideas to fix the tax system: 

OPINION by Jim Gilmore: The US needs tax reform for aggressive economic growth

AO Newsletter for Oct. 18, 2017!

Older Newsletters:
Newsletter from American Opportunity (October 11, 2017)
A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Trump's Tax Reform Agenda Needs Your Help Immediately

I am not going to let President Trump be criticized for pushing tax reform.  
...and I know you are tired of the liberal media slamming Trump at every turn as well. Which is why I am asking you for a one-time monthly donation of just $10 to become an American Opportunity supporter -- today!

For some years now, American Opportunity has been filling that gap, providing this new administration with the core ideas and policy recommendations needed to give the American taxpayer a fair break and the American economy the oxygen and infrastructure needed to breathe. 
Whether it is our 80,000 American Opportunity subscribers, our social media impact, or any number of events where I have the honor and privilege of speaking -- American Opportunity is right there in the mix, fighting for our shared American values and defending the promise of a new 21st century American economy for our children and grandchildren.
Trump's tax reform policies will not succeed without your help, which is why I strongly encourage you to become an American Opportunity sponsor straight away.
Not only is American Opportunity focused like a laser on true tax reform and economic growth, A/O is a relentless hammer for reminding the American public and policymakers on Capitol Hill the absolute importance of homeland security.  Whether that is providing the policy research and the political skills to advocate for a change of policy to help the country, or by publishing proposals and solutions then communicating those proposals to build public awareness and support -- American Opportunity is one of the few organizations out there providing the strength to back the president's agenda -- a do-tank, not a think tank.
Our work has included extensive publication of policy ideas, including the "Growth Code", a tax reform proposal used by the Trump administration to model its tax reform schematic -- one that is revenue neutral but will aggressively grow the economy.  This past year, American Opportunity published a paper outlining the conservative case for public transportation to get workers to their jobs. American Opportunity published an op-ed on why the US needs tax reform, as well as publishing an analysis of President Trump's UN speech.  Just this week, I am scheduled to speak at the CACI Asymmetric Warfare Symposium in McLean, Virginia on October 26, 2017.  
All of these great things happen because supporters such as yourself help American Opportunity exist.  Not only do we utilize "fellows" on staff and adjunct to research and write on the topics of importance, American Opportunity remainse a voice of knowledge and common sense in the Nation's Capital -- one that shapes the debate and carries a voice for the new American majority in Washington.
Our success is your success.  But as you know, without the financial support of our American Opportunity friends and supporters, we cannot give President Trump and his administration the basic support they deserve -- and need!
I don't ask often, but I am asking now.  We have a $50,000 giving campaign that ends on October 31st.  If everyone who reads this newsletter gave just $10.00 a month?  American Opportunity would never have to ask for another dime ever again!

...but not everyone is in a condition to give $10/mo. 

Which is why I am asking you to support American Opportunity with a generous $50, $100, $250 or even a more tremendous $500 or $1,000 gift straight away.
So please decide whether President Trump's agenda deserves your financial support -- because if American Opportunity doesn't have the resources, Trump's tax plan might very well fall victim to the critics and do-nothing naysayers that have plagued us for the last 20 years or more.
The liberals in Washington have the entire bureaucracy in their hands, and millions more from Soros-backed groups.  All we have is you... and millions of other Americans just like you who know and understand that within Trump's hands remains our last golden shot to recover the America that President Barack Obama and his policies have helped weaken.
Can you help with even a heartfelt $35 gift straight away?  After the jump, I'll explain why Trump's tax reform bill is so absolutely critical, and how American Opportunity is working to help pass the president's agenda in Washington. 

I hope you will join us!

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Topic two:  Tax reform.  This is the most important political battle going on right now in our country, one that reflects the entirely different views of right, left and middle in our country.  The struggle is going on right now; what remains at stake is the vital future of our country.

The country must have economic growth now -- not tomorrow, not in six months, not after the mid-terms, but right now -- today.
Our nation is in danger from threats overseas, and a stronger military is needed to face these threats.  American workers are being left behind.  Their jobs and their opportunities are dwindling.  The next generation is frustrated, and can't find quality jobs to start careers.  Many are postponing starting families.  Some turn to drugs, which are destroying the humans we will need to face the challenges of the future.  
We lost much ground in the Great Recession.  The historic healthy rate of growth in the U.S. is 3.2%, and we have never made up the rate of growth under Obama to recapture those losses.  We don't have enough revenue to operate the social welfare state we have built.  Demands are made from the left for Medicare preservation, and expansion of Medicaid for the poor -- both of which add to the massive entitlement state that will bankrupt America by 2040 -- or earlier. 
The federal government has only four options:  We can cut spending, but the Democrats are resolutely opposed.  We can raise taxes to spend more.  Conservatives oppose tax increases, as do we at American Opportunity.  Raising taxes slows growth, and places increase burdens on an already overtaxed working class.  The third option is to make up the difference by increasing borrowing, issuing government bonds, and increasing the deficit.  Conservatives in Congress oppose increasing the deficit.  Senator Corker of Tennessee has said he will not vote for a budget that increase deficits.  
That leaves the fourth path, and we here at American Opportunity believes the only way out is the increase revenue by growing the economy.  Targeted tax reform, cutting taxes on business activity is key. Tax reform to encourage investment will improve productivity, create better and more jobs, and get more people paying taxes.   The goal is not to cut taxes, the goal is to grow the economy.  If, to achieve this, "the rich" get a tax bracket reduction, it must be tolerated to encourage savings and investment by those who seek to increase their wealth by investment.  
The political left simply won't accept the premise that tax reform can grow the economy.  If to have a tax reform there must be a deficit, at least it will be a deficit that leads to investment, growth and more revenue. The American left simply rejects the idea that more investment will lead to more growth.  Our view is that we should put the problem to the American left.  "If you don't believe tax reform will grow the economy, what is your idea to grow the economy?  The status quo of slow growth and lack of revenue won't work.  What is their idea to grow the economy?  We have heard the  message in opposition:  "This is just tax cuts for the rich".  OK.  What do they propose to grow the economy?  
Last week I attended a meeting with the President's staff to discuss the tax reform proposal.  When asked my advice was:  "Keep the message simple.  This is not just tax cuts to buy votes; a "tax cut for the middle class"but a tax reform for growth, opportunity, better jobs an careers, for hope and opportunity through growth." 
If we fail to achieve tax reform for growth, we face a future of slow growth, low tax revenue, stagnation and frustration.  That is the alternative we must avoid.   
Some news and articles we recommend for information and discussion purposes, none of which necessarily represent the position of A/O:
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The Federalist: The Left's Sirens Already Hinting That Culture Wars Lead To Civil Wars

As always, American Opportunity is always looking for new resources and topics we can address in detail.  Please feel free to stay in contact! 

Jim Gilmore

Our Sept. 29, 2017 newsletter below or here or on this link -

A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Trump Tax Plan Unveiled, GDP Growth Revised To 3.1%
Bold tax reform is what the American people were expecting.  Bold tax reform is precisely what the Trump administration delivered this week.
Adam Michel over at the Heritage Foundation lauds the tax reform schematic as a necessary and bold first step.  While there are certain aspects of American Opportunity's Growth Code that are missing from the Trump tax plan, the spirit of the agenda is certainly within.  

Growth Code vs. Trump Tax Reform 
Growth Code:
Tax rates of 10%, 15% and 25% on individual income as currently defined under the IRC.
15% corporate tax.
Immediate expensing of capital equipment. Expensing of capital equipment over 5 years.
Elimination of the abhorrent practice of double taxation. Considers ending the practice of double taxation.
Any household living in poverty will receive a family tax credit of $4,300. 

Trump Tax Reform:
Tax Rates of 35%, 25%, and 12% on individual income as currently defined under the IRC.
20% corporate tax.
Eliminates income taxes for anyone earning under $12,000 or any family under $24,000; keeps $1,000 in EIC.
You can read the full plan as presented by the White House and congressional leadership here. 

You can read the full plan as presented by the White House and congressional leadership at the link on our site -

What is clear in the president's approach -- which indeed appears to be picking up bi-partisan support -- is that this is no mere tax cut for the rich or well-to-do.  Not only is this a tax cut for the working class, the Trump tax reform plan takes the boot of the federal government off of the throats of America's small and expanding businesses and gives them the maximum opportunity not only to succeed, but to create better paying jobs for America's working families.
While the Trump tax reform schematic may not strike as hard as the Growth Code, one can instantly see that the spirit and direction of American Opportunity's Growth Code is indeed being captured and championed by the Trump administration -- and I am personally pleased to see our ideas finally being given a hearing and a voice within the new Trump administration.
Today's news that 2Q GDP would be revised upwards to 3.1% is welcome news indeed -- the first green shoots of a true economic recovery.  
However, much of this recovery could remain perilous at best, not only in the short-term recovery after Hurricane Harvy and Hurricane Irma but in the long run vis a vis the success of the Trump tax reform schematic and our ability to secure the homeland for the next 20 years.
When we talk about infrastructure, we often think of roads and towers, rails and pipelines.  Yet human infrastructure is every bit as critical to our national security as any other facet of it, and "hardening" this vital and important part of our infrastructure against security threats is an critical and necessary role for the national government.
Drug addiction in this nation and the routes by which America's enemies seek to infiltrate our schools and communities deserves the immediate attention of policy makers in Washington.  
To date, we are left with the old tools of interdiction and interception forged during the 1990s.  As the War on Terrorism gathered the resources and attention of the federal government these last 15 years, the cartels in northern Mexico became more sophisitcated and deadly.  As marijuana decriminalization has lowered the price on the street and increased the quality of THC, the Mexican cartels switched to a more potent alternative -- heroin.

This epidemic combined with the rising opioid epidemic from overprescription has combined with an economic malaise... and the results are tragic indeed. 

Death from overdoses, especially in the black community, firearm deaths, over 500 in Chicago this year as gangs fight over drug turfs -- a loss of American life more deadly from year to year than our warfighters faced in places such as Iraq or Afghanistan.
At some point, the national security concerns over the "drug war" have to be addressed.  We cannot allow the status quo to continue, nor can we blithely ignore the human costs of legalization and decriminalization without assessing the very serious social costs.  
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As always, American Opportunity is always looking for new resources and topics we can address in detail.  Please feel free to stay in contact! 

Jim Gilmore

A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Socialism Is The Economic Doctrine To Extinguish Liberty
In reviewing President Trump's address to the United Nations General Assembly, most commentators will focus on his direct warning to “totally destroy” North Korea unless they change their policy of nuclear aggression against the United States and its allies. I believe the additional parts of the speech are equally or more important than the condemnation of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and radical Islamic terrorism.

The address set out two additional themes or policies that set out the fundamental beliefs and policies that will govern American conduct of foreign policy going forward. The first key theme is a rejection of the “New World Order” first annunciated by President George H.W. Bush, and followed by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That “New World Order” envisions all countries as inseparable parts of the entire global community, where the national interest of any state, especially the United States has to be put aside for the good of the entire planet. This is often referred to as “Liberal Internationalism”.

President Trump makes it clear that the United States is now rejecting this international idea. Instead the U.S. will recognize all nations as sovereign, protecting their own people, and standing up for our values of freedom and sovereignty to protect that freedom. In fact, the other nations of the world have never abandoned their sovereignty and are advancing their nations at the expense of the liberal-led West. In fact, the idealistic idea of a world government and world order has failed, and it is time to recognize this fact, and act accordingly.

But the address is not a simple reaffirmation of “America First”, it is a recognition that all nations operate in their own interests. That fact is stated in plain terms in the speech. President Trump simply acknowledges reality, and calls for an acknowledgement that the world is made up of “proud independent nations:” In rejecting the “New World Order”, The President calls for “a reawakening of nations”.

The second major portion of the address is the rejection, and a willingness to confront the alternative government being offered to the world by the socialist nations who reject the Western ideas and construct of freedom. Authoritarianism and totalitarianism are reemerging in the world after the U.S and its allies defeated it in World War II. Socialism is the economic doctrine to extinguish liberty. President Trump specifically rejects socialism, and the failed doctrine that it is, and calls out the socialist idea as failed everywhere it has been tried, creating misery for those on whom it is imposed.

This address is an announcement that socialism is not just another doctrine that is just as good or better than economic liberty. Socialism is a doctrine that must be rejected, and defeated wherever it tries to emerge. This is also a domestic warning in the U.S. too, as the American left continues to push socialism in our own country.

Finally, the address applies the overall Trump Doctrine to specific challenges facing our country, which usually dominate the headlines without any sense of world context. The President confronts the aggressive actions of particular countries who seek to upset the international order of freedom so carefully built and defended since World War II. President Trump said that the threat of North Korea will not be tolerated. If they don’t remove the threat themselves, we will totally destroy North Korea. This warning cannot be misunderstood. Would an American President stand in front of the entire U.N. and make an empty warning? One must assume he means it.
These remarks which seem to be directed to North Korea, I believe are really directed towards China, and also Russia and Iran and others who seek to bring down the Western Order of liberty. If China is using North Korea to test American resolve, this speech makes it clear that pawn will be removed from the board of the “Great Game” for the future of mankind. If the North Korean people are destroyed, the blame rests with the Chinese who are using them to test the resolve of the West.
Likewise, the Iran nuclear deal traded temporary avoidance of war with Iran for the long time certainty of an Iran with nuclear weapons, with certain consequences in the Middle East and the world. In light of the continued aggression of Iran, using terrorist organization to destabilize the world order, a nuclear Iran cannot be permitted to happen. This is why the Iran deal cannot stand.
The President also warned that we cannot stand by and allow Cuba to destabilize Venezuela, and create a dictatorship in our own hemisphere. This is certainly a reaffirmation of the Monroe Doctrine that has prevented Latin America from becoming a tool of European and Asian nations in the great power struggle that exists today.
The United Nations was established in the hope that it would serve to avoid World War III. In a very real sense, we are already in World War III, a global struggle of power and ideas for the future of the world. This war is not yet a nuclear exchange, although North Korea says that they are willing, even anxious to engage in such a conflict. Nuclear capability, In North Korea, Iran and elsewhere creates the certainty of nuclear blackmail as an instrument of foreign policy of our adversaries. If unchecked, that nuclear blackmail will provide an umbrella for the continuation of the global conflict that is now underway, until a shooting war breaks out, at a moment at our disadvantage.
Russia in the Ukraine and Crimea, China in the South China Sea, Iran in Yemen and throughout the entire Middle East and beyond by all their actions are engaged in a third World War. This speech by President Trump acknowledges this reality and states clearly that the West will not go quietly, and that freedom will be defended. The speech states that the last chance for peace rests in those who would change the world order by force. This speech may be last chance to end this war peaceably.

Only American resolve and that of its allies creates the chance for peace. The hour is late, but not yet too late. 

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AEI: Buffett Wins $1mil Bet That S&P 500 Would Outperform Hedge Funds

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Jim Gilmore
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A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Tax Reform and Drug Trafficking

Tax reform is on the table right now.  The President is campaigning for tax reform and the "Big Six" -- Senators McConnell, Hatch, Speaker Ryan and Congressman Brady, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Presidential economic advisor Gary Cohn -- are trying to reach agreement on a tax cut proposal.  

We at American Opportunity have been speaking out for tax reform for seven years.  Our "Growth Code" is such a proposal.  The concern at the moment is a rush to pass a bill in order to earn a quick a legislative achievement.  Tax reform has to be for a purpose: to spur growth in the economy by encouraging investment.  If the tax "reform" doesn't spur investment, the tax reform may very well end up being pointless window dressing.  

We certainly support tax cuts, especially for the struggling middle class. Conversations with Democrats seem to be centered in trying to keep the rates high or higher for "the rich".  I hold no brief for "the rich", but we must do a reform that encourages business to expand and hire more people, and make it necessary to pay higher wages.  This must be the objective, and it cannot be derailed by the political left, or by an artificial time pressure. 

One example is the discussion over business expensing, or being able to write their investment off their taxes.  This encourages growth, but is something that the "Big Six" may not adopt.  Sure it costs money, but building up investment and growth is the only way to recapture the cuts while providing better jobs and wages for everyone.  

Activity is no substitute for true reform.  It's not merely "getting something done" that counts but WHAT ACTUALLY GETS DONE! 

The national goal is not tax reform but growth and spurring the investment to get growth. Anything else is the definition of failure.

From 1998 and 2002 I was chairman of the Congressional Advisory Panel on Terrorism and Homeland Security.   The time has come to add drug addiction to the definition of threats to the homeland.  

Heroin kills.  Overdose deaths have quadrupled in the U.S. since 2010, and heroin overdose is the #1 cause of death in my home state of Virginia. 1,133 Virginians died from heroin and prescription opioid overdoses in 2016. I know from experience that drug overdose has become a major challenge in New England as young people are dying in droves from drug overdoses. 

Enemies of this country are attacking our citizens, especially our youth, by transporting and selling heroin in our country.  Between 2000 and 2008 nearly 500 kilograms of heroin was interdicted at our southwest border.  In 2013 alone the interdiction was 2,196 kilograms. 

Those who transport heroin into our country are attacking our country and are guilty of committing murder for profit.  Americans who sell heroin are not just criminals, they are traitors. The truth is that we cannot victimize an entire generation and tackle the problem of national security for the battle ahead.

Efforts are underway to redefine this problem as an epidemic, as if heroin trafficking was something that just happens without accountability.  We spend money while the dealers laugh all the way to the morgue -- someone else's morgue. 

The victims of this heroin trade need treatment; drug dealers need to go away -- permanently.  More to follow on homeland security.

Some news and articles we recommend for information and discussion purposes, none of which necessarily represent the position of A/O:

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Calculated Risk: Hurricane Harvey May Result in 300,000 Mortgage Delinquencies
Geopolitical Futures: Ballistic Missile Defense Is a Tool, Not a Strategy
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Geopolitical Futures: Hungary Pulls Away From The Kremlin Orbit
War Is Boring: India Wants To Match China's Mountain Tank
AEI: Market, Not Hurricanes, To Blame For Oil Prices

As always, American Opportunity is always looking for new resources and topics we can address in detail.  Please feel free to stay in contact! 

Jim Gilmore

A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: North Korea's Dangerous Gambit and Harvey's Impact
First, I want to briefly remind you (as if reminders were possible) about the trauma unfolding in Texas and Louisiana as Hurricane Harvey drenches the region in a superstorm of historic proportions.  Predictions of 40" of rain or more continue to hold true as the hurricane lines up for another shot that will plow alongside the Mississippi Delta before winding east, mimicking the same path Hurricane Camille took in 1969.

My point of drawing attention to Houston isn't to remind anyone of the event itself, but rather to point towards the enduring optimism and small acts of heroism that stand in direct contrast to events that we have seen dotted across the country as self-declared "anti-fascist" mobs harass Americans with their own form of brownshirted vigilantism.

Real anti-fascists build, they don't destroy.  Mobs destroy.  Hurricanes destroy.  

Edmund Burke, the famous 18th century Whig and friend of the American Revolution who championed the earliest form of conservatism we know today once argued that society was maintained by our own "little platoons":

To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections. It is the first link in the series by which we proceed toward a love to our country and to mankind. The interest of that portion of social arrangement is a trust in the hands of all those who compose it; and as none but bad men would justify it in abuse, none but traitors would barter it away for their own personal advantage. (emphasis added)
-- Edmund Burke, "Reflections on the Revolution in France" (1790)

In a world where social media and the Internet seem to isolate and remove us from our own "little platoons" of community and family, the abuse and barter of our freedoms is inevitable.  Examples such as the violence seen at Berkeley and Charlottesville abound, and it will be examples such as Houston -- and as Secretary Mattis reminded us last week, the selflessness and respect have shown among our warfighters in Afghanistan -- that bring America back to common sense in the months ahead.

On a similarly important topic, it is time to tell the truth about the need for a genuine and lasting tax reform proposal in the U.S. Congress.  

American Opportunity believes the national goal must be solid, sustainable economic growth.  The American economy is presently growing at an anemic rate of 2%.  This is not enough, and nowhere near our historic average of 3.2% GDP growth.  

The current U.S. labor participation rate in the U.S. is at a mere 69%, down from our height at 88% in post-war 1950.  This drop is wasted labor -- never engaged -- which leads to lower growth and fewer opportunities for our children and grandchildren.  

Growth can be encouraged by a good tax reform bill, which we will discuss more in the days ahead. 

Opposition to true tax reform will undoubtedly beat the same tired old drum:  "This is just tax cuts for the rich".  NO!  Tax reform is desperately needed to spur American investment which leads to greater productivity for workers, growth within the U.S. economy and a far better standard of living. 

A tax reform bill is urgent -- the missing piece -- to finally recover from the lost years of the Great Recession; one that rewards hard work and encourages Americans to rejoin the working class our fathers and grandfathers understood an American economy to represent.  

Please go to our web site to read American Opportunity's Growth Code plan.  Our proposal is in line with the president's program, and what's more, this economy urgently requires the sort of positive, lasting, and durable tax reform the Growth Code provides for generations of Americans to come.

Read more here at this link (copy and paste to your browser) -


Latest A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: Trump's Strategy in Afghanistan; Meaningful Tax Reform On The Horizon?When even The Atlantic praises President Donald Trump on America's new strategy in Afghanistan, it's time to give credit where credit is due.
(Aug. 23, 2017) full newsletter at this link -

The new strategy will see the U.S. military boost its presence on the ground from 8,500 to as many as 12,500, give increased latitude to commanders on the ground to engage Taliban and other terrorist nodes inside Afghanistan, puts Pakistan on notice that it either cuts off aid to the Taliban or will face sanctions, urges India and the United Kingdom to contribute more to defeating terrorism in Afghanistan, and insists that military supremacy -- but not nation building -- will be the key objectives for the American military.

Noted in the past but forgotten today, the United States has dealt with situations such as Afghanistan before.  What was required in an earlier time was a 10 year presence and a Marshall Plan to destroy the Nazis and the Japanese Empire.  Today, both are thriving democracies and key American allies.  

The earlier decisions by the Obama administration to withdraw on a timetable feeds into Speaker Paul Ryan's criticism of the strategy: We have the watches; they have the time. In short, the Taliban simply wait out Coalition forces until we are gone, then contest control of the country against Afghani nationals in an effort to reassert power.  

What is most interesting here, as observed by CNBC, is that we are slowly seeing an emerging "Trump Doctrine" come to the forefront of American foreign relations.  In essence, the United States works in concert with regional powers to impose a degree of stability -- but in concert and not on the American dime.  

This new approach is not a wild change from the post-Second World War order that America has led over the last 70 years.  The United States is in no way ceding its leadership on the world stage, nor will we accept the role of being the world's policeman.  Rather, the United States military is returning to the definition coined by former General Norman Schwarzkopf back in the early 1990s.  The heavy lift of rebuilding economies and reversing fortunes is not the task of warfighers, but NGOs and those principally effected by the violent changes war brings. 

If this sounds like a rejection of idealism and a revisitation of foreign policy realism, then you have the point succinctly.  

Clearly, one should not read too deeply into criticisms that a more muscular foreign policy stance is somehow aiding and abetting the violence that warfare ultimately brings.  Rather, the Trump administration is concluding two things in bold and clear colors to contrast with the pastels of the Obama administration: (1) military force must be respected and appreciated for its nature and effect, and (2) peace is an organic process that resists a cookie-cutter foreign policy; where the United States can play a role in bringing about stability and removing the ability for bad actors to project force, but where the outcomes must ultimately come from the region itself, not imposed from Washington.

Between the caricature of the "cowboy diplomacy" of the Bush era and the soft-power uprisings of the Obama era remains a place for democratic realism when dealing with less-than-ideal conditions.  American blood and treasure are best leveraged in the preservation of a stable and enduring peace, not in the opposite extremes of either endless combat or abandoning a region to a Weimar-style solution only to return 20 years later.  

While the President is following an approach of realism to protect the American people, I also believe the greatest asset the U.S. has is that belief others have in us as the "beacon of liberty".  Standing up for freedom is what draws allies and friends to us, but not through nation-building.    We represent what humankind wants to be, as was most eloquently expressed by President Reagan.  Now we have to live up to that ideal.

Time to talk turkey on tax reform in Washington.  We're getting closer, and though things are delicate and certain ideas such as the "border adjustment tax" have been (mostly) squashed, there's a lot of work to be done in order to get things moving in the right direction.

American Opportunity is a relentless champion for sweeping tax reform in Washington, and one of our core projects remains The Growth Code -- five core steps that I believe will spur this economy into the sort of growth future generations of Americans deserve to inherit:

A simple unified 15% rate on all business income, regardless of the type of entity;
Tax rates of 10%, 15% and 25% on individual income as currently defined under the IRC;
Immediate expensing of capital equipment;
Elimination of the abhorrent practice of double taxation;
Any household living in poverty will receive a family tax credit of $4,300.

What is more, a reduction in the corporate tax rate from 35% to a much more competitive tax rate of 15% will do for America what basement level tax rates have done for Ireland.  

By making America more competitive for investment, and by investing more in infrastructure that includes our highways, ports, rails, commuter lines and technology industry, we can turn the corner on the Obama administration and unleash America's economic potential into the next half of the 21st century.

American Opportunity staff will be watching the ongoing conversations on tax reform and the budget bill with increased scrutiny and attention as we move into September.  Even if the solutions are modest ones, anything that reduces the size and scope of the federal government on our wealth creators is a net positive for the American taxpayer -- and most certainly, for the American working family.

Some news and articles we recommend for information and discussion purposes, none of which necessarily represent the position of A/O:

Calculated Risk: Mortgage Rates Stay Steady at Historic Lows in 2017
RAND: How To Keep Iran From Becoming The Next North Korea
Jane's 360: North Korean Arms Shipment to Syria Intercepted
Calculated Risk: Industrial Production Up 0.2% in July
War Is Boring: The U.S. Military is Cozying Up To Sudan (Of All Countries)
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Lawfare: Taking China Seriously On a North Korea Deal
War Is Boring: Why an Indian F-16 Is a Big Deal

As always, American Opportunity is always looking for new resources and topics we can address in detail.  Please feel free to stay in contact! 

Jim Gilmore

A/O Global Intelligence Weekly: North Korea Runs Out Of Options; Independent Inquiry Needed in Charlottesville (August 16, 2017)
The Trump adminstration is about to face the first international test of its presidency, and if the chessboard as set today is any indicator, North Korea is running out of room to maneuver and quickly.  This pressure from the United States is exactly the right call, and by leveraging economic, diplomatic, and military pressure in exactly the right amounts, the hermit kingdom of Kim Jong-Un is about to discover that the long-running policy of brinkmanship has found a dead end in the Trump presidency.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has been very clear both in public statements and private assurances that a military option is very much alive.  Any strike on Guam -- a U.S. territory -- has the near certainty of a massive, overwhelming and decisive response from our miltary assets in the Pacific.  North Korea has effectively run out of credible threats to issue: neither a MRBM launch nor an ICBM launch will escape the eye of the United States, and any threat on U.S. dependencies, allies, or the mainland will be met with devastating, unilateral force that will wipe out all doubt as to who holds the upper hand.

lace.  China maintains they have stopped imports from North Korea -- welcome news once confirmed.  To induce further pressure, President Trump is actively reviewing China's trade practices, particularly on theft of U.S. intellectual property -- a longstanding complaint of American manufacturing and technology firms.  The Chinese have threatened to suspend the North Korea embargo in retaliation, but this would be a risky and reckless gambit in a Pacific Rim dotted with nations skeptical of China's rise and patronage of North Korea. 

In fact, on Fox Business News this afternoon, I discuss precisely the role China has to play in co-operating with the United States in de-escalating tensions on the Korean penninsula: Link to Video of recent Fox Business interview is here (cut and past to your browser)

The United States of America will neither be bullied nor blackmailed by a Chinese government with no good options of their own.  India is demonstrating their willingness to stand up to China in border disputes.  Chinese acquiescence to American requests to maintain the embargo only lengthens the shelf life of the North Korean regime, a conditon that forestalls U.S. military action which might lead to Korea re-unification or regime collapse -- something the Chinese are desperate to avoid.

I must touch on events in Charlottesville this weekend, a city that seems to have become the focal point for so much bad coverage in recent years.  

Let me make this abundantly clear.  White supremacist groups and extremists of every stripe are antithetical to everything we believe as Americans, and should be proudly and fearlessly rejected by every freedom-loving soul.  The debate on Confederate memorials is a national conversation, and those who operate beyond the pale do not deserve a seat at that table.  

As the initial shock and horror of the tragedy that unfolded in Charlottesville begins to fade, the predictable few are already starting to leverage violence for political gain.  Already, the mainstream media has been swift to bash President Trump while refusing to assess the blame of those physically at the riots.  Two camps came ready to fight, and one camp claimed the life of another and wounded 19 others in an event that can only be described as political violence -- the very definition of a terrorist act.

Our focus ought to be on the lawlessness of the weekend's events.  Who prevented Virginia State Police and Charlottesville City Police from maintaining and restoring order when things got out of hand? 

We should insist on this point -- Virginia's first responders and law enforcement are some of the finest in the nation, if not the world.  Virginia's law enforcement officers and first responders lost two in the line of duty that weekend, and we all suffer with them in their loss.  

Yet did they have the tools and latitude to do their job? Did those giving instructions fall down on their duties to Virginia State Police in any way? Discussions were certainly held about how to react to events that weekend. What was said? Who gave the order not to separate these two groups? What was the role of the Mayor of the City? Did he confer with state officials as instructions were given to the police? Did the Governor participate in instructions to the Virginia State Police? Secretary of Public Safety? Were the police restrained by their political leadership?

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has called for an after action report.  This is entirely insufficient.

Public statements so far from Richmond have blamed the ACLU, the courts, and participants -- everyone but those who prepared for the event.  Enough with the blame, and enough with the politics.  Our law enforcement personnel deserve answers and clear directives; a firm resolve from decision makers that their lives and profession will be treated with the utmost respect their service deserves.

As a former governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, we have the moral obligation to review what happened and come up with concrete lessons on how such tragedies can never happen again through our own fault -- whether by omission or commission.  What is required is an independent authority to review what happened, when it happened, and who gave the instructions as to how events would happen that weekend.  

What is clear is this: Governor McAuliffe and his Secretary of  Public Safety cannot ethically evaluate their own participation in this tragedy, and answers are owed.  It enough to heave and sigh as if what happened in Charlottesville is the new normal.  Such a response is absolutely unacceptable, and as leaders in government, we have a responsibility to the laws of the land to ensure our laws are upheld equally and fairly at all times and in every instance.  Tragedies happen; preventable tragedies are never acceptable on my watch.

Please keep those who are hurting in your thoughts and prayers, especially the families who have lost loved ones.    

Some news and articles we recommend for information and discussion purposes, none of which necessarily represent the position of A/O:

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Calculated Risk: 3Q GDP Forecasts a Bullish 3.5%?
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Global Guerillas: Charlottesville and Malicious Social Disruption
Geopolitical Futures: Slowly But Surely, Japan's Military Strength is Growing
RAND: Contain, Deter, Transform: A Strategy For North Korea

As always, American Opportunity is always looking for new resources and topics we can address in detail.  Please feel free to stay in contact! 

Jim Gilmore
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A Recent Foreign Policy Op-ed by American Opportunity's President & CEO Jim Gilmore
President Trump’s Reaganesque Speech in Warsaw Re-Launches American Leadership in Europe:
Historic Speech to Go Down in History as One of the Greats

While some have called President Trump’s Warsaw speech an affirmation of American leadership, I characterize it as a re-launching of American leadership that harkens back to the leadership of President Reagan.  In a city that built a monument in honor of President Reagan for his role in hastening the fall of the Iron Curtain, President Trump delivered a powerful speech reminiscent of the resolve and patriotism of President Reagan’s “Tear Down this Wall” speech.
In less than forty-five minutes, President Trump delivered a seminal message to the citizens and leaders of Poland and the rest of Europe that the United States of America stands firmly and unapologetically behind the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that unite Europe and the US.  President Trump’s call for a strong and unified stance against those leaders who actively seek to undermine those bonds and weaken our collective resolve are words that will live on:
“Our countries are resilient, and our power is unmatched…Our adversaries, however, are doomed because we will never forget who we are. And if we don't forget who are, we just can't be beaten. Americans will never forget. The nations of Europe will never forget. We are the fastest and the greatest community. There is nothing like our community of nations. The world has never known anything like our community of nations.”
On April 27, 2016 I was present at then candidate Trump’s unveiling of his foreign policy and spoke out about the wisdom of that policy.  President Trump has not ceased in delivering a foreign policy that I continue to strongly support.  In May 2017, on the occasion of President Trump’s first official visit to Europe, I commended the President and his Administration for striking the right tone forging stronger relationships with our European allies. 
Two months ago President Trump called upon NATO Members to meet their NATO obligations.  And in that short time, they actively begun to do so, investing billions into NATO ensuring the security of the defense of the Allied Nations.  Having successfully urged our European Allies to contribute to the security of our nations financially, today President Trump called an even deeper, more stirring commitment.  Reaching deep into the souls of the unified citizens of America and Europe, President Trump reminded the world that our defense is not just a commitment of money, it is a commitment of will and confidence in our bond of values. President Trump asked the West four pivotal questions today:
Do we have the will to survive?
Do we believe in our values to defend them at any cost?
Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders?
Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?I believe we do.  And I believe that as long as we have a world leader in President Trump who has the courage and faith to ask us these questions and lead us in our values, we will prevail against the tyranny of those who seek to destroy our values. Perhaps President Trump voiced this sentiment best:
“Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will triumph. So, together, let us all fight like the Poles -- for family, for freedom, for country, and for God.”

Thanks for the Great Turnout to our Capitol Hill Event in June! 
Date/Time: 06/28/2017 | 11:30am to 1:00pm ET

Location: 2253 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
American Opportunity Foundation's 7th Annual Transportation Policy Briefing

We have added some more speakers...
Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA), Congressman John Duncan (R-TN), former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, APTA, and the American Opportunity Foundation request the pleasure of your company at our 7th Annual Transportation Policy Briefing. Join leading transportation experts and elected officials to discuss requirements in transportation funding, focusing on the role of federal dollars for infrastructure projects.  
Comments by:
Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA)
Congressman John Duncan (R-TN)
Earl Lewis, Maryland State Deputy Secretary of Transportation
Emil Frankel, Special Commissioner, Connecticut Dept. of Transportation
Governor Jim Gilmore, President & CEO, American Opportunity Foundation
Richard White, Acting President & CEO, American Public Transportation Association 
Anna Davis, Director of Government Relations, National Governors Association
Lunch and light refreshments will be provided.
Date:                 Wednesday,  June 28, 2017
Time:                11:30am to 1:00pm (Complimentary Lunch)
Location:           Rayburn House Office Building Room 2253
RSVP:               Shari Simmans  --

The American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values. Led by former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, American Opportunity Foundation remains a leading voice for conservatives.
twitter - @ameriopp & @gov_gilmore
Resource Library -
703.837.0030 (main line)
20 Years of Conservative Papers on Transportation Policy
Main link to FCF Historical White Papers:

Free Congress Foundation Transportation Center Historical Documents:
A Liberal and a Conservative Discuss How to Respond to Anti-Transit Rhetoric
Bring Back the Streetcars! A Conservative Vision of Tomorrow Urban Transportation
A Conservative Proposal for Energy Independence: A National Defense Public Transportation Act (link is broken, but it's below in the pdf)
Conservatives and Mass Transit: Is It Time for a New Look
Does Transit Work?  A Conservative Reappraisal
Good Urban Transit: A Conservative Model
How Transit Benefits People Who Do Not Ride It: A Conservative Inquiry
Transit Means Business: Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Should Support New TEA Legislation
Twelve Anti-Transit Myths: A Conservative Critique
Winning Transit Referenda: Some Conservative Advice
Here is the energy independence paper on APTA's site:

American Opportunity Foundation supports federal funding for public transportation: Foundation releasing report synthesizing 20 years of research on transportation projects

Alexandria, Va, June 6, 2017, -
With a nod to President Trump’s Infrastructure Week, American Opportunity Foundation (AO) reiterated its support as the only conservative think tank recognizing the importance of federal funds in support of public transportation projects and will release its long-awaited report on transportation issues.

The foundation has prepared a synthesis of their nearly two decade’s long work on various transportation issues, highlighting the necessity of the partnership between federal, state, and local funding sources for mass transportation. The foundation is partnering with other leading conservative voices in order to develop comprehensive policy recommendations emphasizing the importance of mass transit as a product of federal partnership. The final product will be unveiled at a high-level Capitol Hill later in June.

According to American Opportunity CEO Jim Gilmore: “We are pleased the President recognizes the importance of and is advancing the conversation about the importance of infrastructure investment by establishing Infrastructure Week. The administration is correct in focusing on the country’s infrastructure as the economic engine for prosperity. "

Governor Gilmore’s long-time experience on local, state and federal transportation issues has underscored AO’s findings and positioned the think tank as a leader in advancing conservative goals vis-à-vis transportation challenges.

In discussing the report’s outcomes, Gilmore added “Transit mobility a key factor in ensuring that our economy remains moving forward. By offering a comprehensive picture of how federal, state, and local players can work together to insure transit projects move forward, we can contribute to maintaining thriving communities where employees have a variety of transportation options from which to choose.”

# # #

The American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values. Led by former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, American Opportunity Foundation remains a leading voice for conservatives.
twitter - @ameriopp 

Contact: Dan Kreske

American Opportunity Foundation announces new Transportation Resource Library: Foundation will create an on-line library and provide a conservative voice for public transportation
Alexandria, Va, May 3, 2017- American Opportunity Foundation will create a Transportation Resource Library which will serve as an educational source for policymakers, including Congress and the White House, as well as the overall transportation community. The partnership’s goal is to ensure that focus of transportation policy makers remains on the continuation of federal funding for public transit projects.

The foundation is preparing a synthesis of their decade’s long work on various transportation issues, highlighting the necessity of the partnership between federal, state, and local funding sources for mass transportation. Throughout the process, the foundation will seek to partner with other leading conservative voices in order to develop comprehensive policy recommendations emphasizing the importance of mass transit as a product of federal partnership. The final product will be unveiled at a high level Capitol Hill event on June 27.

According to American Opportunity CEO Jim Gilmore: “We are committed to being a resource for the transportation community in a variety of ways, providing invaluable information and crucial resources. The administration is correct in focusing on the country’s infrastructure as the economic engine for prosperity. Transit mobility a key factor in ensuring that our economy remains moving forward. By offering a comprehensive picture of how federal, state, and local players can work together to ensure transit projects move forward, we can contribute to maintaining thriving communities where employees have a variety of transportation options from which to choose.”

# # #

The American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values. Led by former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, American Opportunity Foundation remains a leading voice for conservative values.
twitter - @ameriopp
Contact: Dan Kreske

American Opportunity Foundation supports rail funding in 2017 Omnibus Appropriations bill: Focus on rail and rail safety is key to economic growth
Alexandria, Va, May 3, 2017- American Opportunity Foundation applauds the work of Congress in negotiating the 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill and it’s recognition, through the funding of rail and rail transit, of the critical need in securing the nation’s public transit programs. 
Specifically, American Opportunity is pleased to see that the agreement increases funding for The Federal Railroad Administration, and allows Amtrak to undertake new capital projects and encourages Amtrak to prioritize strategic rail infrastructure improvements at critical points in the rail network that would improve current services or create new capacity in the Northeast Corridor.
American Opportunity President & CEO Jim Gilmore stated “The federal government has a long history in supporting public transit programs as federal funding is crucial to preserving mass transit.  As we at American Opportunity (formerly Free Congress Foundation) have long stated, by continuing to support a full spectrum of transportation modes for our nation’s working class, the federal government demonstrates its commitment to providing the infrastructure that business, and the economy, depends on to continue growth.”

The American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values. Led by former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, American Opportunity Foundation remains a leading voice for conservative values.
twitter - @ameriopp
Contact: Dan Kreske

American Opportunity Foundation Announces New Senior Fellows:
Alexandria, Va, April 13, 2017 - The American Opportunity Foundation announced the addition of Mari Stull and Shari Simmans as senior fellows. Stull will lead the Foundation’s work on Trade Policy and International Organizations, while Simmans will serve as the Foundation’s key lead on Strategic Partnerships, Outreach and Communications. Simmans will also head the Foundation’s project management team.

“Mari Stull and Shari Simmans are known both nationally and internationally for their work in driving policy and building strategic collations to achieve dramatic success for policy makers, governments, and the private sector, and creating alliances that produce results,” said American Opportunity Foundation President & CEO Jim Gilmore. “We welcome them to our projects.”

Stull brings over 20 years of senior international trade and regulatory experience. Stull was founding Executive Director of the Caribbean Agribusiness Association, established the International Council of Grocery Manufacturers Association, and served as director of International regulatory policy for the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Stull has extensive UN and international organizations experience, having served in international posts as a specialist in private sector development. Credentialed as Head of Delegation to the OECD, Codex Alimentarius, and other international trade and regulatory bodies as a representative of the private sector.

Simmans has nearly two decades’ experience in building strategic partnerships at the chief executive level in the private/public sector and has proven expertise in effecting better management practices and organizational reforms in achieving more cost-effective programs. Simmans has assisted elected leaders and associations with media campaigns, winning a national award for communication and marketing. With a background in international and national security studies, Simmans has worked globally for international aerospace manufacturers and continues her efforts in the United States within the private sector and leading nonprofits. 

Based in Alexandria, the American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values.
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