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For many years AO/FCF has been focused on creating a robust economy for all Americans through substantial tax reform. Our signature program is called The Growth Code.  Americans have achieved much of our Growth Code program with the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 and our economy was the strongest ever before  COVID-19.  Now we are focused on repairing our economy again --- and perhaps more important --- election security.  The American experiment is facing its toughest test since World War II and AO/FCF will help in the fight to keep America strong.  In order to move our country forward, Americans must vote and keep our democracy alive and thriving in 2020. We all are in this together and we should all feel safe as we vote. Election security and integrity are essential during this time of COVID-19.   

If you will be voting in-person at your polling place, please review the CDC's Recommendations on Protecting Yourself and Your Family.  For more information please visit https://www.vote.org/covid-19/......AO/FCF will fight to protect our Electoral College. The US Electoral College guarantees a president with legitimate majority support and a broad base.   Without the US Electoral College, would the major parties just compete for different urban areas?........The US system is a federation of states. It is right that state-by-state majorities elect the president..........Election Security: Paper Ballots and Audits are the most widely discussed idea in election security, but it really does very little for cybersecurity. Humans can use paper ballots to do an audit that will detect – and correct – vote-counting equipment problems that otherwise would have the worst possible effect: a “winner” that did not actually get the most votes.

Americans have always looked at our country as the “city upon a hill” from the time of the Puritans to John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan. The Growth Code is our way back to economic prosperity so we can all again see a brighter future where the American Dream is secure and thriving. The only way to keep America strong is to vote in 2020 and keep our democracy going stronger than ever. 

We invite all of our friends to read “The Growth Code” proposal to jumpstart the economy again!
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